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Weekly Report (28th-3rd June)


This is the report of Pallan Madhavan for the GSOC 2012 on the project "Scilab Image Processing Toolbox (SIP) " for the period 28th-3rd June 2012.

Task List

Implementation of Deskew function independent of Scilab and SIP toolbox

Implemented deskew function independently of scilab and siptoolbox,and successfully compiled the compiled in opencv.which would be reformatted in C and thus be used in siptoolbox unlike the canny function.

Problems faced

Though I have implemented the deskew function independently of siptoolbox,which takes the input image and gives the deskew angle as well as the deskewed image,it better works for images with digitized text document,I have thus used Probabilistic Hough Transform (PHT) in opencv to be used for finding the skew angle.I have also studied Dan S. Bloomberg on Measuring document image skew and orientation and will also be implementing it in the module.

Things learnt

I have learnt how to effectively use opencv functions,and thus to optimize the code.I am also investigating new functions,So to better use it and is constantly learning new things in it.


I have already documented help pages for deskew and dewarp functions and has thus commited in the forked git repository.I would be continuously improving it.The help pages will thus provide a very good idea about the module.



Weekly Report for 4th - 18th June

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