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How is a student managed on a daily basis?

Each student has a mentor. The mentor is someone experienced in Scilab development. He/she is the main contact of the student but the student is encouraged to send his questions on the Scilab developer/gsoc mailing list. If your mentor does not know the answer to your question, since he/she is familiar with Scilab development, he/she will forward your question to the best person in the team.

Before the GSoC

See How to apply to the GSOC ?

At the beginning of the GSoC

Before or during the first week of the GSoC, the student will have to write a Scilab Enhancement Proposal (SEP) explaining the goal(s) of the project. If the GSoC initial proposal is good (which is likely to be case since the student has been selected), a copy/paste with some modifications should be enough.

During the GSoC

Technical aspects



I am stuck and I do not know what to do?

Contact your mentor ASAP, it is his role and he will be happy to help you.

I did not get any answer from my mentor, what should I go?

Everybody is busy. If you are stuck, do not wait and send the email on the dev or the gsoc mailing list. If it is not urgent, you can send the question to your mentor. However, if you do not get an answer in a couple of days, please contact the Scilab/GSoC admin (gsoc@lists.scilab.org and vincent.couvert@scilab-enterprises.com).

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