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Developers info

Technical aspects

Scilab architecture & datatypes

Building and Debug Scilab

Scilab API
Gateways: from Scilab 5 to Scilab 6
Scilab Internal Datatypes
Scilab Character Representation (Scicode)
Memory representation of variables
Scilab function variables: representation, manipulation
Scilab precision
Thread Wrapper
Scilab Module Architecture

Compiling of Scilab on Windows or Linux
Compiling Scilab on Mac OS X
Dependencies of Scilab 5.X
Testing Scilab
FAQ: Compilation under GNU-Linux Unix
Debugging and profiling Scilab 5
How to debug an external source code linked to scilab with Visual Studio
How to debug an external source code linked to scilab with Eclipse CDT


Interfacing with other languages

Porting Scicos 4.2 to Scilab 5.0
Porting Scicos-HIL to Scilab 5.0
Porting Scicos-Flex to Scilab 5.0

Calling a fortran subroutine from Scilab
Calling a COMMON from C and fortran on Windows
Calling a scilab function (macros) from a C interface
Call scilab from powershell
Call a Java Object from Scilab
Accessing a Scilab matrix from a C interface
Linking Scilab with Tcl/Tk 8.5

Tips and tricks

Windows tips
Using LCC-Win32 compiler on Windows for incremental link with Scilab 5.x
How can I set up Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010 Express Edition for use with Scilab x64 on 64-bit Windows?
How can I set up Eclipse to develop Scilab?
Use valgrind to fix Scilab code

Documentation & testing

Scilab code source

Code documentation

Programming languages in Scilab and their usage
Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language
Code Conventions for the C Programming Language
Code Conventions for the Scilab Programming Language
Code Conventions for Makefiles
Expectations in the source code modifications
Adding or removing files in trunk
Managing obsolete functions

Scilab Documentation (Doxygen)
Rules for documentation
Doxygen documentation Examples
Doxygen links



Writing unitary and non-regression tests
Java Unitary tests

How are we tracking bugs



Localization (DEPRECATED)

Scilab GIT repository

Scilab GIT Repository

Scilab Branches

Using Git to contribute code to Scilab

Scilab branch policies
My Way to play with master and 5.x branches
My Way to apply a master commit to the 5.1 branch
My Way to merge scilab/master branch into a totally different repository

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