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How to apply to the GSOC?

The following procedure are applied to students:

  1. Pick up a project you are interested in the list of Ideas of development. It is important to like your subject.
    Some projects have a high priority. Selecting one of them increases your chances to be selected.

  2. Contact the Scilab GSoC mailing list if you have some questions on a subject (please, do not contact directly the mentor). We will update the corresponding wiki pages. Don't hesitate to do so. We do agree that some pages have too few information.

  3. If needed, join us on IRC to get in touch with us and/or ask questions. Note that most of Scilab developers are in the France timezone (UTC+1)

  4. If you need to get in touch with the potential mentor of a subject, drop an email to gsoc@lists.scilab.org

Application template

Prepare a draft of your proposal on the GSoC website with the following items:

  1. Technical aspects of the proposal

    1. YOUR description of the proposal. It helps to make sure that you have understood the subject.

    2. A description of the technical solution considered.
      Go as far as you think it is important to understand your proposal. The more, the better.

    3. How the feature (whatever it is) will be available to the user.
      For example, if your work will be available into the Scilab language, do not hesitate to list some functions with their profiles.

    4. A realistic schedule with objectives (one every two weeks for example) and deadlines.
      Please focus especially on mid-term objectives and final evaluation.

  2. Human aspects of the proposal

    1. Please provide some information about you. How old are you, where are you from, what are you studying, etc.
      Do not forget to also provide an email address on which we can reach you.
      If you are coming regularly on IRC, please specify your nickname.

    2. Your instant messaging contact (Jabber, MSN, etc).
    3. You real address (for the legal stuff)
    4. Your phone number (don't worry, we probably never use it)
    5. Which IT languages are you familiar with? What have you done with them?

    6. If you are familiar with GIT or SVN
    7. Please say if you used Scilab before, what for (note that we also accept non-Scilab users)?

    8. Are you planning to contribute to Scilab after the GSoC?

    9. A formal commitment that you will be involved full time on the GSoC. We expect a student to work 35-40 hours per week (therefor not compatible with an other job).
    10. If you have fixed a Scilab bug, do not forget to provide the number of the bug report.


  1. We require students to build Scilab before submitting a project. It is easy to do. See "Compilation of Scilab".

  2. We require students to send us a screenshot of the Scilab console with the updated banner containing his name.
  3. Building your own module (toolbox) is also appreciated, especially if it provides an actual feature (even a single function) and if it is integrated in ATOMS

  4. Applicants providing patches fixing reported bugs (even easy one) will be considered with care. Applicants can also fix issues reported by Coverity. If you do so, please indicate it in your proposal.

Only full time students will be accepted.

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