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Weekly Report (4th-18thJune)


This is the report of Pallan Madhavan for the GSOC 2012 on the project "Scilab Image Processing Toolbox (SIP) " for the period 4th-18th June 2012.

Task List

Detection of Leptonica in Scilab Image Processing toolbox

Detected leptonica successfully,and also wrote a test for pixcreate.After making successful changes in configure.ac file in siptoolbox.This will now help to use various functions in the leptonica library in Siptoolbox.

Things learnt

I have learnt how to effectively use GNU Autotools,and thus to optimize the code.I am currently working on the interface program for deskew function which would be added in siptoolbox,which will set a key to other migrating functions from leptonica to siptoolbox.




Here is a video on detection on leptonica produced from screencast and uploaded on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/44177824

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