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SIP(Scilab Image Processing Toolbox) +Scilab


This is the report of Pallan Madhavan for the GSOC 2012 on the project "Scilab Image Processing Toolbox (SIP) "


Implementation of all the necessary interface functions from the C library of leptonica into SIP, and making it available to Scilab with the help of SIP.

Interface function

1) Conversion of 2 dimensional double Scilab matrix to PIX of Leptonica.

2) Conversion of 3 dimensional hypermatrix to PIX of Leptonica.

3) Conversion of index and map matrix to PIX of Leptonica.

4) Conversion of 2 dimensional gray double matrix to PIX of Leptonica.

5) Conversion of PIX of Leptonica to Scilab 2 dimensional double matrix to

6) Conversion of PIX of Leptonica to Scilab 2 dimensional gray double matrix to

7) Conversion of PIX of Leptonica to Scilab 3 dimensional hypermatrix

8) Conversion of PIX of Leptonica to Scilab index and map double matrix

C interface Functions available in Scilab through Siptoolbox

Implemented the two main function deskew and dewarp of document image analysis which are best available in leptonica C library for Document image analysis is now available in Scilab with the help of Siptoolbox.

Deskew function

Deskew helps to deskew a document using the Postl's variance of line sums (or of differential line sums).This method is recommended for both speed and accuracy,and is thus available in leptonica library.

Dewarp function

Dewarp function helps us to dewarp a camera image based on text lines.It includes a series of process.Some of the main processes include background normalization and binarization of the given image.


There are two help pages (.xml files )available for deskew and dewarp respectively under the help folder. These two help pages thoroughly document both the functions by giving example and format to use the function depending on the various type of image. There are also necessary link to the original source content and references pages.

Micro blogging through AA and Screencast

Daily reports submission through AA, and necessary screencast were made available showing the working of :

( AA is a social system for coordinating distributed teamwork where each participant stays logged for at least 2 hours a day, publicly microblogging their development activities related to assigned tickets (self-assigned or team-assigned). At the end of each daily session, a video log is recorded and uploaded to a public video channel, the text log is also published on the Web and is peer-validated for quality. The AA system and its underlying software engineering methodology enables self-funding for distributed collectives of developers working on FLOSS projects.)

Test macros for deskew and dewarp

Test macros unlike test_deskew.sci and test_dewarp.sci are now available in SIP . The macros helps in testing deskew and dewarp for 3 different types of images,unlike Indexed image,truecolor image and grayscale image.It also gives the necessary scilab matrices for showing the result

* test_deskew.sci - for deskew function . * test_dewarp.sci - for dewarp function .

Now, This can also be generalised for adding as many leptonica functions as available in C library of leptonica in Scilab depending on the need, with the help of SIP. All the above deliverables are available to the best of my knowledge.



* Report-1


* Report-2


* Report-3


* Report-4


* Report-5


* Report-6


Final Report


== (Archive Link)== https://www.google-melange.com/archive/gsoc/2012/orgs/scilab/projects/mady902.html

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