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Contributor - Matlab MEX-Files


The goal of this project is to provide a wrapping of Matlab MEX-Files headers on API Scilab. Using this wrapper the toolboxes in Matlab will be easier to port to Scilab.

Scilab provides an API called API Scilab. An API is an interface through which we can access and interact with a separate application or program. The API for Scilab is a set of C APIs in Scilab which enables us to write C or C++ extensions (toolboxes) to Scilab. Through this API, receiving / sending data can be done from/to thirdparty libraries.

MEX is an API to access Matlab functions and extend it’s functionality. The MEX API enables the users to write C/C++ or Fortran programs which can then be called from the Matlab command line and used as built-in functions. A MEX implementation in Scilab will be compatible with the current Matlab MEX i.e. it will have the same function names, same documentation which makes it easier for the user to use the existing toolboxes in Matlab. This implementation will require the developer to use the current Scilab API to access the native Scilab functions and data-structures to reconstruct the native Scilab objects.

A module already exists which is a good reference point for this project. This module is still based on the old Scilab API and the Mex functions are not documented under the Scilab help system. The Matlab-MEX documentation is available which explains how to interact with Matlab through it using other programming languages. (MEX is compatible with C/C++ and Fortran programs.)

Extending the current module and writing tests for each extension will also be a part of the project.

Given below are the links to refer for help and getting a better understanding.


Use API_Scilab to do so.

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