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GIT step by step

This information is for Scilab developers and code contributors. See GIT for a table of content on Git usage.

If you are a user of Scilab, you probably don't need to look at this.

First step : get your own repository

[$SHELL] git clone git://git.scilab.org/scilab

It is a good idea to introduce yourself to git with your name and public email address before doing any operation. The easiest way to do so is:

[$SHELL] git config --global user.name "Your Name Comes Here"
[$SHELL] git config --global user.email you@yourdomain.example.com

Switch to a branch

[$SHELL] git branch 5.3 refs/remotes/origin/5.3
[$SHELL] git checkout 5.3

Merge the master branch into YaSp branch for example

[$SHELL] git checkout master
[$SHELL] git pull
[$SHELL] git branch YaSp refs/remotes/origin/YaSp
[$SHELL] git checkout YaSp
[$SHELL] git merge master
[$SHELL] git push

Switch modifications from a branch to an other branch without commit or diff

[$SHELL] edit your suff
[$SHELL] git stash
Saved working directory and index state ...
[$SHELL] git checkout 5.0
[$SHELL] git stash apply

Apply a specific modification against an other branch.

[$SHELL] git checkout 5.0
[$SHELL] git cherry-pick 2dbe5502787ae9f52faf400ab54aea0be6a43507

How can I ask git to give me the diff between a file in master and one in 5.1

[$SHELL] git diff refs/remotes/origin/master..refs/remotes/origin/5.1  scilab/Version.incl
. diff --git a/scilab/Version.incl b/scilab/Version.incl
. index 80e8b92..5aae442 100644
. --- a/scilab/Version.incl
. +++ b/scilab/Version.incl
. @@ -1 +1 @@
. -SCIVERSION=Scilab-master-GIT
. +SCIVERSION=Scilab-Branch-5.1-GIT

How to find a non-pushed commit on the current tree, eg finding A on the following situation ?

    o---o---o---o---*  master origin/master

[$SHELL] git fsck --unreachable master |awk '\$2 ~ /commit/{ print \$3}' |xargs git show --name-only
. commit 280a647322a73c9d3a0f1edfd97404b1c91091a1
. Author: Clément DAVID <clement.david@scilab.org>
. Date:   Tue Apr 20 16:31:26 2010 +0200
.     index on master: 10130ed Xcos: scicos import        Open the error dialog wh
. commit 791026c9d8685ba96e57b816e9d04d38c175ae4f
. Merge: 0c05ecd 2c9531c
. Author: Clément DAVID <clement.david@scilab.org>
. Date:   Fri Apr 9 16:59:10 2010 +0200
.     WIP on master: 0c05ecd Xcos: Scicos elements encoding/decoding      Use an E
. scilab/modules/action_binding/src/java/org/scilab/modules/action_binding/Interpr
. scilab/modules/xcos/src/java/org/scilab/modules/xcos/io/scicos/InputPortElement.
. scilab/modules/xcos/src/java/org/scilab/modules/xcos/link/BasicLink.java
. scilab/modules/xcos/src/java/org/scilab/modules/xcos/link/LinkPortMap.java

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