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Scilab 6 AKA YaSp (Yet Another Scilab Parser/Project)


YaSp is the code name of Scilab 6. It is a reimplementation of the interpreter of Scilab. The goal of this reimplementation is to provide a new kernel with state of the art technologies while keeping the backward compatibilities with the previous family of Scilab (especially 5.X).


Most the interpreter is working. However, most of Scilab functions must be reconnected against the new API (i.e. get rid of the old stack access).

How to test it ?

As said previously, many things are broken. The only reason why you might want to test it would be test and work on the interpreter (for the Google summer of code for example).

The work is done in a git branch. This branch is merged against the master branch on a weekly basis.

To retrieve this branch, do

git clone git://git.scilab.org/scilab scilab.yasp
cd scilab.yasp 
git branch YaSp refs/remotes/origin/YaSp
git checkout YaSp

YaSp git web

2022-09-08 09:27