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Scilab installation under Linux

The latest stable version of Scilab is 6.1.0

Scilab 6.1.0

  1. Get the binary file (scilab-6.1.0.bin.linux-i686.tar.gz or scilab-6.1.0.bin.linux-x86_64.tar.gz) and put it in the directory where you want to install Scilab (<scilab-path>);

  2. Launch the following commands :
    • Linux 32 bits :
      •     [$SHELL] wget http://www.scilab.org/download/6.1.0/scilab-6.1.0.bin.linux-i686.tar.gz
            [$SHELL] cd <scilab-path>
            [$SHELL] tar xzvf scilab-6.1.0.bin.linux-i686.tar.gz # For 32 bits systems
    • Linux 64 bits :
      •     [$SHELL] wget http://www.scilab.org/download/6.1.0/scilab-6.1.0.bin.linux-x86_64.tar.gz
            [$SHELL] cd <scilab-path>
            [$SHELL] tar xzvf scilab-6.1.0.bin.linux-x86_64.tar.gz # For 64 bits systems
  3. To launch Scilab:
    •     [$SHELL] cd <scilab-path>/scilab-6.1.0
          [$SHELL] ./bin/scilab

Scilab Development Versions (from Git)

See the external (unofficial) Scilab Development Notes for a succinct step-by-step process for compiling the development sources.

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