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Conversion functions - Utility

The Matlab scripts contain some instructions which are Matlab functions called.

Sometimes these Matlab functions do not have Scilab equivalents. For other functions, the name is different or their input/output arguments list are different (arguments number, arguments order or inputs data type). So many difficulties make the conversion harder. Moreover the translator must do the types inference for the output arguments according to the types inference of the inputs data.

So for each Matlab function we must create a conversion function associated which will do this work.

These conversion functions are Scilab macros named sci_<function_name> (for example the conversion function of the function max is sci_max) and are defined in the SCI/macros/m2sci/sci_files.

For certain cases the implementation of the conversions function is not difficult if the Matlab and Scilab functions have the same input/output arguments (i.e function call is the same: see example 1).

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