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Scilab Contributors

Outside the Scilab team, many people contributed to Scilab. We are very grateful for all the work and the time they all spend to make Scilab a better software.

Vorona Aleksey Russian localization

Matthew Arsenault Add multiprecison computations, Google Summer of Code 2009

Jonathan Blanchard Misc patches for Solaris, Testing and binary of Scilab under Solaris

Jorge Eduardo Cardona Symbolic computing module, Google Summer of Code 2009

Yuri Chornoivan Ukrainian localization, Many patches fixing typos and English mistakes

Yann Collette [1] Genetic algorithm, Generic probabilistic meta-algorithm, Param/parameters module, French localization, Bug reports, Bug Fixes

Arnaud Dessein French localization

Calixte Denizet [1] LaTeX and MathML rendering capabilities in the Scilab Graphic, Improved graphic exports, Scinotes (Scilab editors), many key contributions

Markus Dittrich Misc patches for Gentoo

Baozeng Ding SWIG Module for Scilab, Google Summer of Code 2009

Han Dong [1] Various improvements in the uicontrol features

Bernard Dujardin [1] Improvements of Xcos documentation, French translation of Xcos documentation, many user-oriented improvements in the Xcos code

Rob Farmer Misc patches for FreeBSD

Andrea Florio Misc patches for Opensuse

Oriol Gonzalez Catalan localization

Emmanuel Goossaert Flexible implementation of advanced neural network capabilities, Google Summer of Code 2009

Tomasz Pawel Gajc Misc patches for Mandriva

Aurélien Gèrôme Misc patches for Debian & Ubuntu

Artem Glebov [1] Patches, Feedbacks and bug reports

Samuel Gougeon The world record of reported bugs on Scilab, Advice, Many feedbacks and Patches

Paul Griffiths [1] Patches for the Scilab Graphic exports, Patch on SciNotes, Patch on Scilab Graphic

Gérard Henry Misc patches for Solaris/Opensolaris

Rui Hirokawa Help translation in Japanese

Sébastien Jourdain from Artenum Scilab Console (Jrosetta)

Vinod Khare Rendering Scilab Graphism in VTK, Google Summer of Code 2009

Vincent Lejeune [1] Patches, Feedbacks & bug reports

Kirill Kirillov Russian localization

Christoph Korn Misc patches for Debian & Ubuntu

Yung-Jang Lee Management of non-UTF8 asian/russian charset internationalization, Modification of almost all the i/o functions in order to handle directory and file names containing UTF-8 characters, Traditional Chinese localization

Séverin Lemaignan Advice

Chris Maes Improved support for solving systems of nonlinear equations, Google Summer of Code 2009

Dan McMahill Patches for NetBSD

Olivier Mehani Advice, Patches

Armin Mohring German localization

Stéphane Mottelet [2] Advice, Bug reports, Misc patches for Mac OS X

Bruno Pinçon [2] UMFPACK interface, Bug reports, Bug fixes, Advice

Jacques-Deric Rouault [2] Bug reports

Jean-Sebastien Roy Misc patches for FreeBSD

Daniel de Souza Grilo Traduction of the help into Portugues do Brazil, Portugues do Brazil localization

Hiroshi Saito Japanese localization, Misc patches on localization issues

Enrico Segre [2] Bug reports, Bug fixes, Advice

Federico Vera Spanish localization

François Vogel [2] Bug reports, Bug fixes, Advice

Torsten Werner Misc patches for Debian & Ubuntu

Jeffrey Whitaker Misc patches for Mac OS X

Shiqi Yu Simplified Chinese localization

And many others...


[1] Present Scilab contributor with write permissions. [2] Emeritus Scilab contributor

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