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Atoms compilation chain

for general information on Scilab extension modules (toolboxes), see howto/Create a toolbox

AtomsCC is a command-line tool to compile and release toolboxes to the ATOMS website (http://atoms.scilab.org). It is available on the Scilab forge at http://forge.scilab.org/index.php/p/atomscc/

As of April 2016, AtomsCC is still under development, and is not publicly available; please contact Scilab Enterprises for details.

If you publish your toolbox to ATOMS, you should build it using AtomsCC.

To run AtomsCC, you need to install:

  perl build.pl --help

to see the available options.

By default, AtomsCC gets the sources for the toolbox to compile from the Atoms website. Alternatively, you can force it to use a local .zip of the file by specifying the --sources option. The build is produced in the work/binaries folder.

Once your toolbox builds correctly, you can re-run the script with the --publish option, and the --login and --password options: it will upload your file to Atoms.

If your toolbox contains gateways (C/C++ code), then you will have a warning and you must build it on each platform (win32, win64, linux32, linux64, macosx). Please Scilab Enterprises, we can build them for you.

Some details on the ''check'' stage

Approximatively, these checks are performed:

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