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Xcos deprecated blocks

In each Xcos release, some blocks may be deprecated or removed. Deprecated blocks do not appear in the palette anymore, and thus cannot be created anymore. Instead, the "Suggested replacement block" from the list below should be used.

Xcos files that contain deprecated blocks can still be opened in Xcos; but (for some of them) there will be a warning when edited, and when a simulation is executed.

In future versions of Xcos, deprecated blocks may be removed. However, we will always ensure that there are blocks to replace deprecated or removed blocks.

(see also #7500)

Deprecated block (or scheduled for deprecation) Simulation function (type) Removed from the palette Warning when editing or simulating Suggested replacement block Simulation function (type)
ABSBLK_f absblk (1) Yes No ABS_VALUE absolute_value (4)
AFFICH_f ? Yes Yes AFFICH_m affich2 (4)
BIGSOM_f sum (2) No No SUMMATION summation (4)
CLKIN_f input Yes No CLKINV_f ? input
CLKOUT_f output Yes No CLKOUTV_f output
CLKSOM_f sum Yes No CLKSOMV_f ? sum
CLKSPLIT_f split (1) Yes No
CLOCK_f csuper Yes No CLOCK_c csuper
CLR_f csslti (1) Yes No CLR csslti4 (4)
CLSS_f csslti (1) Yes No CLSS csslti4 (4)
CONST cstblk4 No No CONST_m cstblk4 (4)
CONST_f cstblk (1) No No CONST_m cstblk (4)
CONSTRAINT_c constraint_c (10004) No No CONSTRAINT_f ??? ???
CONSTRAINT2_c constraint_c (10004) No No CONSTRAINT_f ??? ???
CURVE_c curve_c (4) Yes No
DEMUX_f demux (1) No No DEMUX multiplex (4)
DIFF_c diffblk_c (10004) Yes No DIFF_f diffblk (10001)
DLR_f dsslti (1) Yes No DLR dsslti4 (4)
DLSS_f dsslti (1) Yes No DLSS dsslti4 (4)
DOLLAR dollar4 (4) No No DOLLAR_m dollar4_m (4)
DOLLAR_f dollar (1) No No DOLLAR_m dollar4_m (4)
EDGETRIGGER edgetrig (4) Yes No
EVTDLY_f evtdly (1) Yes No EVTDLY_c evtdly4 (4)
EXPBLK_f expblk (1) Yes No EXPBLK_m expblk_m (4)
Flowmeter ??? modelica No No
FROMWS_c fromws_c (4) Yes No FROMWSB csuper (use FROMWS_c)
FSV_f fsv (1) Yes No
func_block No Yes No scifunc_block_m ?? scifunc (3)
GAIN_f gain (1) No No GAINBLK gainblk (4)
GAINBLK_f gain (1) No No GAINBLK gainblk (4)
GEN_SQR super Yes No GENSQR_f gensqr (1)
generic_block sinblk (1) Yes No generic_block3 ? sinblk (4)
generic_block2 sinblk (1) Yes No generic_block3 ? sinblk (4)
Ground_g cstblk4_m (4) Yes No Ground ground (m)
IMPSPLIT_f limpsplit (m) Yes No
INTEGRAL integral_func (4) Yes No INTEGRAL_f / INTEGRAL_m integral_func (4)/integr (1)
INVBLK_f invblk (1) Yes No INVBLK invblk4 (4)
ISELECT_f selector (2) Yes No ISELECT_m selector_m (4)
LOOKUP_c lookup_c (4) Yes No LOOKUP_f lookup (1)
LOOKUP2D lookup2d (4) Yes No
MAX_f maxblk (1) No No MAXMIN minmax (4)
MEMORY_f memo (1) Yes No
MIN_f minblk (1) No No MAXMIN minmax (4)
MOTOR motor (1) Yes No
MPBLOCK generic fun No No
MUX_f mux (1) No No MUX multiplex (4)
PAL_f palette (1) No No
PENDULUM_ANIM anim_pen (5) Yes No
PULSE_SC csuper No No
RAND_f rndblk (1) Yes No RAND_m rndblk_m (4)
REGISTER_f delay (1) Yes No REGISTER delay4 (4)
RFILE ? Yes Yes REFILE_f readf (1)
SAMPHOLD samphold4 (4) Yes No SAMPHOLD_m samphold4_m (4)
SAMPLEHOLD_f samphold (1) Yes No
SAT_f lusat (1) Yes No SATURATION satur (4)
SCALAR2VECTOR scalar2vector (4) No No
scifunc_block scifunc (3) Yes No scifunc_block_m scifunc (3)
SELECT_f selector (2) Yes No SELECT_m selector_m (4)
SLIDER_f ??? Yes ??? No
SOM_f sum (2) No Yes SUMMATION summation (4)
SPLIT_f lsplit (1) Yes No IMPSPLIT ? limpsplit (m)
STEP step_func (4) Yes No STEP_FUNCTION csuper (use STEP)
SWITCH2 switch2 (4) Yes No SWITCH2_m switch2_m (4)
TCLSS_f tcslti (1) Yes No TCLSS tcslti4 (4)
VirtualCLK0 vrtclk0 (1) No No
WFILE ? Yes Yes WFILE_f writef (1)
ZCROSS zcross2 (2) Yes No ZCROSS_f zcross (1)


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