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Visual Studio C++ 2010 Pro & Intel Fortran XE 2011

Official Scilab 5.4 binary version on Windows will be build by this way.

step 1

You need :

Step 2

Checkout the Scilab sources (see instructions here).

Creates a d:\GIT-scilab-master directory

md d:\GIT-scilab-master
cd d:\GIT-scilab-master
git clone git://git.scilab.org/scilab
cd scilab\scilab

Please notice that Visual Studio C++ 2010 requires to build that sources are on a NTFS partition.

Step 3

Checkout the Windows prerequisites for compilation in d:\GIT-scilab-master

cd ..
svn export --force --username anonymous --password Scilab svn://svn.scilab.org/scilab/trunk/Dev-Tools/SE/Prerequirements/Windows scilab

Step 4

Copy the content of "Prerequirements" directory in "scilab" (d:\GIT-scilab-master\scilab\scilab) directory.

Step 5

Build Scilab source code using solution (Scilab.sln) in Visual C++ 2010 Pro.

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