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Using MD5 Checksums

The MD5 checksums or message digests that Scilab includes on its product download pages provide a way for you to confirm the integrity of files you download from Scilab.

The MD5 algorithm takes a file as input and produces as output a message digest of the input which is a highly unique fingerprint. Scilab provides MD5 message digests for its software so you can verify that your downloaded files are unaltered from the original.

To confirm file integrity, use an MD5 utility on your computer to calculate your own MD5 message digest for files downloaded from the Scilab web site.

If your calculated MD5 message digest matches the message digest we provide, you are assured that the file was downloaded intact.

MD5 utilities are available for Windows and Linux and Mac. Most Linux installations provide an md5sum command for calculating MD5 message digests.

An MD5 utility for Windows can be downloaded at www.fourmilab.ch/md5/.

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