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Troubleshooting for Scilab 5.0 beta

General issues

Graphic issues

Q: Scilab crashes when doing any plot. It's not possible to open any graphic window. What can I do?

A: First of all make sure you have the latest revision of your graphic card drivers (see within OS specific parts for explanation). Then test if your configuration is operational for Scilab (see below).

Q: How can I test if my configuation is operational for Scilab 5.0 beta?

A: Go to the JOGL demo page (https://jogl-demos.dev.java.net/) and try the Jrefract demo (direct link: http://download.java.net/media/jogl/builds/archive/jsr-231-webstart-current/JRefractNoOGL.jnlp). If asked for a programm to launch the demo, select java web start. If java web start is not automaticaly detected then you need to specify its location.

If you can not found javaws inside your Scilab installation, it means that you are using your own version of Java. In this case go to your java directory, then go to the jre/bin directory and select javaws.

The JOGL demo is then launched and a window appears with a large Hello World. Click on the action menu and try the Gears and Text demos. If any of the demos does not work, this means that your configuration is not operational for Scilab. You won't be able to produce a single plot with Scilab with this configuration.

Q: I've installed the latest drivers but my configuration is still not operational for Scilab 5.0 beta. What can I do?

A: For Linux users you may try to replace your graphic card drivers by the one designed by the Mesa 3D Project (see see within OS specific parts for explanation). For windows users (there should be only few, since graphic card drivers for windows are more tested than the ones for Linux distributions), we don't know any alternative solutions. However, we are looking for other solutions.

Q: How can I install the latest drivers for my graphics card?

A: Choose one of the link below depending on your graphic card manufacturer and follow the instructions given on the link.

Q: How can I install the latest drivers for my graphics card?

A: the best and easiest solution is too find the package specific for your Linux distribution. If your are not able to find them or if Scilab is not operational with them you may try to download them form your graphic card manufacturer web site.

Q: How can I install the Mesa 3d drivers?

A: The Mesa 3D Graphics Library (http://www.mesa3d.org/) is an implementation of the OpenGL library. It's released under the MIT license and is known to be more robust than proprietary implementations. However, it does not relies on hardware acceleration and is then much slower than proprietary implementations. If you want to use it, you should be aware that Scilab graphics will be very slow. This will probably prevent you from using the Scicos module for example.

Like driver installation, the best solution for installing Mesa is to find the appropriate package for your Linux distribution. If you are not able to find it, you can download the drivers from the Mesa website (http://www.mesa3d.org/install.html).

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