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This page describes how set up Eclipse to develop Scilab.

1. Tools installation

1.1. Scilab

1.2. Eclipse

1.3. Eclipse: Checkstyle plugin

2. Modules import

2.1. Example : Import GUI module

3. Module Build Path Cleaning

4. Module dependencies Resolution

those modules together.

4.1. Example : Resolve GUI module dependencies

5. Third-party JARs

cd scilab
svn export --username anonymous --password Scilab svn://svn.scilab.org/scilab/trunk/Dev-Tools/SE/Prerequirements/Windows/

6. Projects compilation

7. Debugging a specific java module

Note: instead of configuring the debug for all Scilab, you can start a specific Scilab binary with the JVM remote debuging enabled using an environment variable (depending on your OS)

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