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1. Scilab forge

In this page, we present the Scilab Forge and its associated tools.

1.1. What is the Forge ?

Scilab forge is a tool for external modules developers to help them in their development work: http://forge.scilab.org

The Scilab Forge is the place where we can share the source code of Scilab projects. It provides several components to facilitate the development. It provides

The Forge lets developers work on a common source code as a team, even if the developers are not in the same location.

When we use the Forge as a regular Scilab user, we can

When we use the Forge as a developer, it is mandatory to be familiar with version management systems such as SVN or GIT. With this in mind, the developer can

1.2. An Example of Project

The Metanet project on the Forge is a good example of a project:


There are 3 administrators and 2 developers. The issues are managed on this page :


where there are some bugs which are fixed (closed) and some bugs which are still opened.

We can see the source code online:


We can download a zip of a release of the sources on the Downloads section:


1.3. How to get help ?

The main help page on the Forge is there: http://forge.scilab.org/index.php/help/

1.4. What is SVN ?

SVN stands for SubVersion. It is a system which allows to manage the versions of files in a directory. This way, a team can share the same sources and work on the same files, without having to synchronize the changes manually (i.e. without sending files by e-mails...). It allows us to work on the same files, even if we are physically working at different places. This is not difficult and you can be setup in a few minutes.

1.5. How to create a new project ?

Send the following information to forge@scilab.org:

1.6. How to create a project on the Forge ?

The first step is to create an account on the Forge :


Once you have an account, create a project and configure the developers of the project.

There are two levels of developers:

1.7. What password to use to commit with SVN ?

The password that we use when we login to the Forge is different from the password that we use to commit to a SVN project on the Forge. In order to retrieve this specific password, apply the following recipe.

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