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1. What is a Scilab Enhancement Proposal (SEP) ?

A Scilab Enhancement Proposal is a way for Scilab users to provide the community and developpers with ideas and requirements about Scilab:

Most importantly the Proposals help keep track of users' requirements and can be modified in a collaborative way until the ideas behind them crystallize into code.

2. Creating a new SEP

Using a SEPTemplate, the user can explain exactly what should be changed/improved in Scilab and how this could be done.

Once a basic outline of the Enhancement Proposal is done, provide the link toe the Scilab developers community at dev@lists.scilab.org so that others can know about your proposal and work on it.

Do not hesitate to suggest improvements on existing Scilab Enhancement Proposals

3. Useful Links

A list of already existing SEPs in the source tree is available in Scilab current development version.

You can find more details about SEPs in the SEP definition document.

Requests about Scilab can also be sent using Scilab bug database with severity Wishlist.

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