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1. Savings Account Rates - How to Start a Savings Account


Do you know that wage and salary employment in banking is projected to decline 2% over the year of 2004-14 period, compared to 14 percent growth for wage and salary employment across all industries, as automation make bank more efficient. The office and administrative support workers constitute 2 out of 3 jobs and teller accounts. That's why it is necessary to read information about banking industry to know what is savings account rates really is.


How to start a money market rates and saving accounts? This is how you will handle thing to be able to start a money market rates. Do a little rate shopping, which you need to call around to 2 or more bank in your area to see what their bet rate is one a basic saving account. Then consider your long term goals and take in your initial deposit. Take in your initial deposit, then complete any papers that needs to be fill up.


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