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1. Scilab Enhancement Proposal - Matrix Display

1.1. Abstract

Matrix display could be improved in Scilab. Huge matrix can take forever to be displayed. Alignement and precision of the computation should be taken into account when displaying.

1.2. Requirements

Currently large matrices are displayed in full format:

Why display all elements of a matrix:

The difficulty is finding what represents a "large" matrix. Rows are currently arbitrarily considered large with a display above 99 Columns are currently considered large depending on the format() value and the size of the console

1.2.1. Accidentaly displaying a huge matrix

This is an example of Scilab code

   1 // Executing this line will result in a very long display
   2 A = rand(1000, 1000)

This section is about similar or related topics. This will help understand similar issues and try to focus on the big picture.

The following bugs have been entered on bugzilla to track similar or related problems / wishlist

1.3.2. Mailling list threads

1.3.3. Other software

1.4. Examples


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