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My Way to merge scilab/master branch into a totally different repository

To do only one time

Get the repository

[$SHELL] mkdir ~/repositories
[$SHELL] cd ~/repositories
[$SHELL] git clone git://git.scilab.org/vtk

Edit the .git/config file

[$SHELL] cd ~/repositories/vtk/.git
[$SHELL] nano config

Add the following lines :

[remote "scilab_master"]
        url = git://git.scilab.org/scilab
        fetch = +refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/scilab_master

Get the "git://git.scilab.org/scilab" objects

[$SHELL] git fetch --no-tags scilab_master

merge the origin/scilab_master with your local master branch

[$SHELL] git merge origin/scilab_master

Every time you need to merge the master branch of "git://git.scilab.org/scilab" with your local master branch

Update the list of "git://git.scilab.org/scilab" objects (and, as a result, the origin/scilab_master branch) ...

[$SHELL] git fetch --no-tags scilab_master

... and merge

[$SHELL] git merge origin/scilab_master

2022-09-08 09:27