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Java Unitary tests

Since Scilab 5.3.0 beta1, it is possible to write and launch Java Unitary tests from the source code.

What is a unitary tests ?

Unitary tests are small tests on a class which check the behavior of a method. The Java unitary test system is provided by TestNG.

Where to write tests

Tests must be written per module. They must be stored in:


Any Java file in this directory will be built and executed by the test system.

To ease coherence on the scilab platform, use the org.scilab.tests.modules.<module_name> as a root namespace for your tests. Place them accordingly to the source namespace (eg org.scilab.tests.modules.xcos.utils for testing org.scilab.modules.xcos.utils.* classes).

How to launch tests

ant test

will launch Java Unitary tests and provide a report. Note that any error will stop the build process.


The HDF5 modules is tested.

$ cd modules/hdf5 && ant test
   [testng] [Parser] Running:
   [testng]   Ant suite
   [testng] PASSED: testBooleanMatrix
   [testng] PASSED: testSingleBoolean
   [testng] PASSED: emptyMatrix
   [testng] PASSED: testComplexMatrix
   [testng] PASSED: testRealMatrix
   [testng] PASSED: testFakeMetanetGraph
   [testng] PASSED: testDoubleList
   [testng] PASSED: testEmptyList
   [testng] PASSED: testStringList
   [testng] PASSED: emptyStringTest
   [testng] PASSED: testSingleString
   [testng] PASSED: testStringMatrix
   [testng] ===============================================
   [testng]     Ant test
   [testng]     Tests run: 12, Failures: 0, Skips: 0
   [testng] ===============================================
   [testng] ===============================================
   [testng] Ant suite
   [testng] Total tests run: 12, Failures: 0, Skips: 0
   [testng] ===============================================

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