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Although chat environments are not ideal for posting complicated questions and programming discussions, they are very convenient for being in touch with the community and ask simple questions. Talking with someone online in real-time can be a quick way to get things taken care of and is a key resource in the community. Thus, the Scilab IRC channel is another way to take advantage of community support.

IRC channel dedicated to Scilab can be found on OFTC.

* IRCCloud

* KiwiIRC

You may always connect to the channel anonymously using s temporary ID, but it is highly recommended to create an IRC account and use a client on your computer or smartphone. For example on Windows desktops, you may use Pidgin, on macOS you may use Quassel and on Android devices Revolution IRC. Instructions to use Pidgin for IRC can be seen here. And instructions to register an ID and password here.

Once you have the client installed and registered your ID, you need to tell the client to connect to the server.

In most clients, you can do that by typing:

Once you are connected, join channel #scilab

And if you are interested to discuss Modelica Language topics specifically you may join the Modelica Language Discord Server and use the xcos-scicos channel. There is also an unofficial Discord channel for Scilab on the Modelica server, and an unofficial r/scilab sub on Reddit.

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