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How to debug an external source code linked to scilab with Eclipse CDT.

Warning : this is a very tiny tutorial aiming at showing how to debug *.so file linked to scilab within Eclipse, and is intented to person with some familiarity with Eclipse CDT. This tutorial runs on Eclipse Galileo release (July 2009), and Ganymede Release (pre-July 2009). Be careful : your scilab-bin file must point to a real binary file, not a script...( you need to "make install" Scilab Master build, not just compile it, as it provides script in the /bin directory. )

Preliminary Step

You should use a custom Makefile in your Eclipse project. I didn't check if the automaticaly generated Eclipse Makefile work or not... Build all your static object with the "-g" flag (It's assumed that you're using the gcc compiler). Be careful that "-Ox" flag can modify the sequence of your code.

Inside Eclipse

Debug Configuration - Main.png

Debug Configuration - Debugger - Main.png

Debug Configuration - Debugger - Directory.png

Debug Configuration - Debugger - Common.png

Start a debug session

Debug Session - Step 1.png

Debug Session - Step 2.png

Debug Session - Step 3.png Debug Session - Step 4.png

Debug Session - Step 5.png

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