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How to process a bug in Scilab

Bugs recently tagged as FIXED are good examples to see how to proceed. You may browse Bugzilla for some of them, and see how things are done. Here is a description of a standard processing:

  1. If the bug has not been reported and exists into a public release of Scilab (ie not only in a nightly version), please submit a bug report on http://bugzilla.scilab.org/ (please don't put yourself immediately as assigned, do it after in order to let know other that you reported this bug).

  2. If the development are not done in the master branch (ie working on a minor release), if the bug is easy to fix, fix it in the current branch (5.4 for example). If it is hard or tricky, please fix it in the master to decrease the risk on the current stable release.
  3. Fix it
  4. Update the CHANGES.md file at the root of the branch. If a commit closes many bugs at once, don't hesitate to add as well a dedicated area in the CHANGES.md, in the heading part, before the lists of fixed bugs.
    Since the CHANGES.md file contains all change log information for minor releases, please make sure you are writing them at the right place. Since the issue no more occurs, please use past in your sentences.

  5. For each processed bug, write a non-regression test (in modules/*/tests/nonreg_tests) using the dedicated assert functions.

  6. If you have created an account on the Scilab CodeReview (if you have already an account for instance for Bugzilla, just login once on the CodeReview, and set your contributor's profile), commit and push it into the Scilab code review system. If not, attach the patch to the bug tracking system and send an email to the mailing list dev@lists.scilab.org
    Patches must be formatted using git format-patch.

    • The patch must contain:
    • The list of the modificated files
    • The test (.tst)
  7. Add the URL to the commit in the code review. (http://codereview.scilab.org/#change,XX) as a comment in the bug tracker.

  8. Once the code review is accepted, close the bug report and provide as comment:
    • In which branch it has been fixed, or, better, in which version of Scilab the fix will be available
    • The URL of the commit in gitweb (http://gitweb.scilab.org/?p=scilab.git;a=commit;h=XXXXXX) (do not forget that code review system changes the commit id).

    • If there is anything else to know about this bug.
    • If there is a non-reg tests attached to this bug fix.
    • If the bug is complicated, don't hesitate to provide some feedbacks on it
  9. Change Bug status to
    • FIXED if the bug is fixed and no Scilab release is currently available with Fix within it.
    • CLOSED if the bug is fixed and there is already a Scilab release with the Fix available.

2022-09-08 09:27