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Setting up Microsoft Visual Studio for Scilab and Xcos

To use Modelica blocks in Xcos, or to install toolboxes that have not been packaged, you must install a compiler for the C++ language on your machine. On Windows, you must use the compiler included in the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express Edition. Additionally, on a Window 64 bit, you must install an additional SDK specifically for 64 bits.

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 C++ Express Edition

In Scilab 5.3, you can use the 2012 version of Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express Edition; in Scilab 5.5, you can alternatively use Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2013, but Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 will work also. The instructions below apply to Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 Express Edition.

The Visual Studio C++ Express installer is available from:

Select the "Desktop Edition" if you are using Windows 8.

Installed the package using the default options.

Installing additional on a 64-bit Windows

When using 64-bit Scilab on 64-bit Windows, you must use a 64-bit compiler to build code generated by Xcos or dynamic link module. The default installation of Visual Studio C++ 2012 Express is only capable of building 32-bit binaries, which are not compatible with scilab x64 on Windows. Thus, in order to build 64-bit binaries, the "x64 Compilers and Tools" and Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) must both be installed; they are not installed by default when installing Visual Studio Express.

The Microsoft Windows SDK is available by searching Microsoft's download site, or by going directly to:


Do not install beta or 'Release Candidate' (RC) versions.

While installing the SDK, you must select "x64 Compilers and Tools". To verify that you have all installed components, check that the Microsoft SDK contains the "amd64" version of the C/C++ compiler "cl.exe".

This is usually installed into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\bin\amd64\cl.exe

Finishing the installation

Once this is installed, restart Scilab and the compiler will be available for use.

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