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Get Involved

How to contribute to Scilab

Contributions to Scilab are welcomed and possible by:

Bug Procedures:

How to introduce a new function in Scilab

  1. Write a SEP.
  2. Write its planed help page (.xml). It is an excellent way to list and show all proposed features and use cases, and the interface (planed arguments and options, etc).
  3. Send a email on dev@lists.scilab.org to discuss the SEP. Post also the page (in PDF).

  4. According to discussion, tune the features, naming of things (function, arguments), order of arguments, etc.
  5. Write the new function.
  6. Write the unit test (.tst) (in modules/*/tests/unit_tests)

Guidelines To Design a Module

Contributing to Scilab development can be done by writing external modules that extend Scilab capabilities in specific fields. These modules provide new features and documentation to Scilab users.

A website called “ATOMS Portal” hosts all external modules developed by Scilab Enterprises or by external developers.

These modules can be made available to Scilab users directly from Scilab console via a new feature named ATOMS (AuTomatic mOdules Management for Scilab), if the module author wishes it.

In parallel, external modules sources are now managed through Scilab Forge.


Scilab Forge is a new tool for external modules developers to help them in their development work with some useful features:

Feel free to create your own project on the Forge and then make your external module available through ATOMS.

More information can be found on: http://forge.scilab.org/index.php/help/#q-newproject

Scilab Enhancement Proposals

You already have an idea of development for Scilab? Scilab Enhancement Proposals (SEP) are a management tool to encourage and facilitate Scilab development process. Existing SEPs and a template are available here. Via SEPs, Scilab users can directly send to Scilab R&D team their development ideas via the development mailing list: dev@lists.scilab.org

Ideas of development for Scilab

Ideas of development for the Google Summer of Code

Missing Mathematical features in Scilab


Thanks to all our great contributors

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