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Weekly(4-10th June) Report


This is the report of Prateek Papriwal for the GSOC 2012 on the project "Distribution functions" for the period 4th-10th June 2012.

Task List

Addition of Latex and more exmaples

I added more examples to the documentation of the macros to make the module more informative. Also I have added latex scripts in the documentation to make good help pages. The examples are related to important functionalities such as plotting the function, expansion of arguments, Checking lower tail option,some accuracy tests etc. I also added the bibliography and authors section to the documentation .

Things Learnt

Learnt LaTeX- document preparing system . Plus also understood the importance of examples provided in the macros, how they can be useful for the developer to understand the function .

Implementation of Help Pages

Created help pages with the help of help_feom_sci() function . These help pages would be very useful to know about the macros fucntionalities, calling sequences, bibliography, authors, examples,function definition(in latex format) etc . This would be very helpful in interacting and getting acquainted with the geometric distribution .

Problems Faced

The help/en_US/update_help.sce script did not run well on my machine so i used help_from_sci() function to make help pages . I am trying to find why the update_help.sce didn't work .

Things learnt

Learnt how help_from_sci() function can automatically create help pages(.xml pages) from the documentation i did on the macros.

Creation of Benchmarks

I created the benchmark geom.r with help of R project software . It helps to check the accuracy and compatibility of geometric distribution. Also added /benchmark/Accuracy Distributions Microsoft Excel - Yalta - 2008.txt .

Things Learnt

Learnt how we can keep a check on the accuracy and compatibility of the module with other softwares such as Matlab and R with the help of benchmarks.

Bug 11127 fixed

Added few commits to solve the bug . The details of the bug can be found at -- http://bugzilla.scilab.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11127 . Now the distfun module run well on linux as well .


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