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Report 2012/08/07 - 2012/08/21

Solved the mem leak problem.

Profiling with Valgrind showed memory leaks. Used a std::set<> to check the MALLOCs and FREEs, even after fixing all possible MALLOCs and FREEs in the code the leaks existed. Had to put various break points in the code to check which function caused the leaks. Found that the problem was with curl_easy_cleanup(), it didn't free all its memory. Used curl_global_cleanup() to fix the problem.

Updated the toolbox for Atoms compatibility.

Included the libraries for curl and openssl inside the toolbox. Had issues here while compiling libcurl with shared openssl-1.0.1 on 64bit architecture, when used openssl-0.9.8 it worked fine. Included those together in the thirdparty libraries of the toolbox.

Libcurl uses a ca-bundle file for ssl authentication. Included a default location for the ca-bundle file at SCIHOME/ca-bundle.crt

Most recent push is here.

Updated the working toolbox here on the Atoms portal.

2022-09-08 09:26