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Aerospace Blockset for xcos (2012-07-09: Coding week 7).

Work on unit conversion blocks

Work on documentation pages

Conceptual work on event/visibility blocks

I have consulted with David and Alain about how event blocks should work and gave some thought to it myself. I'll probably not use CelestLab visibility functions directly, but will implement them n a blocks in a way that does a better work at calculating visibility in small time steps. Blocks will have a double interface. The will provide regular boolean Xcos signal object_visible/object_invisible they will also have two event outputs (one for signaling object disapearance from view, other triggered when object apears again). This approach will on one hand allow to inteface with already existing xcos event handling blocks, but it will also allow to easily plot and export to workspace the visibility data. Ditching default CelestLab visibility functions will make them independent of propagation model.

Minor adjustments

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