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Aerospace Blockset for xcos (2012-07-02: Coding week 6).

Created "Proof of concept" YouTube video.

As a part of my work this week I've created POC demo movie. Video shows satellite on orbit demo and guided tour on Aeospace Blockset in it's current shape. To perform this i had to heavily modify th satellite_on_orbit demo by:

Demo allowed me to gather some valuable feedback. It is available under: http://youtu.be/RufCk49uwRg

Created G50_TO_TER block.

Created a block that allows to transform coordinates from G50 Veiss frame to the terrestial frame which is moving together with Earth. Also, modified satellite_on_orbit demo to use it, added an icon for the block and

Created MJD_TIME block.

Created a block that allows for user input of initial simulation time in natural calendar format, and then feeds other blocks with time data im Modified Julian Day format. Work on this block also included creating an icon, modifying satellite_on_orbit demo and andding a unit test.

Modified PLOT_GROUNDTRACK block.

Made some modification to the block. It now accepts singel 3Dvector instead of three separate real inputs. This is to make it more consistend with how otherblocks work. This also included changing the palette icon.

New icons

Cleanups and fixes

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