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Aerospace Blockset for xcos (2012-06-18: Coding week 4).

Busy week at university

This week was very busi on my University as semester in poland is ending. For that reason i could spend less time on Scilab

Prepared skeleton of SECULAR_J2_PROPAGATOR block

This block is my first orbit propagator block. It is more compilcated than others as it does have internal states.

Added unit test for US76 atmosphere model block

I'm trying to achieve coverage of all block with user tests. My strategy is to create xcos diagram containing only teted block and interface. Then I write *.tst files utilizing assert module. So far t seems to work as expected

Added icons for atmospheric models ATM_US76, SECULAR_J2_PROPAGATOR and KEPLERIAN_INPUT blocks

I've created cutom *.svg and *.gif icons for those block.s This is a parto of my efort to keep look-and-feel of Aerospace Blockset consistent with rest of Xcos paletes.

Removed unnecessary files for tbx_sum block that was part of Xcos_toolbox_skeleton

There where some leftowers from toolbox skeleton example blocks. I got rid of them. This simplified the compilation of a blockset, as i no longer have any blocks written iin C or gatawys.

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