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Aerospace Blockset for xcos (2012-06-11: Coding week 3).


This block is my first unit conversion block. While working on this block I've also experimented on:

Created unit test for ANGLE_CONVERSION block

This is the first block with unit tests. It took some experiments to learn Assert module. Test contians of *.tst file and a Xcos diagram. Diagram is automatically reconfigured by the script and the whole bock is tested against predefined test set by providing data from workspace and returning and comparing the results.

Cleanup of U76_ATM block code

Removal of some debug messages and other minor fixes.

Review of Equation of motion blocks

This review led me to deciding that next block to be implemented will be an orbit propagation block based on CL_ex_secularJ2() function. Reason supporting this decision is that after additionally implementing coordinate frame conversion block I will:

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