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Aerospace Blockset for xcos (2012-06-04: Coding week 2).

Created U76_ATM_MODEL block

This block is my virst block with physical model. It is based on CL_mod_atmUS76() function and it models atmospheric pressure, density and temperature up to an altitude of 1000km. Example for the block was also created. Help file is not implemented yet.


This block is responsible for accepting and validating user input of keplerian orbit parameters. It will be useful for simulating orbits with propagator blocks that will be crated next. At the moment this block lacks validation of inputs, as I am investigating possibility of using CelestLab CL_inputParam() function as an integrated input validation tool for the whole blockset. Help is also not done yet. This block will not have a standalone example (as it does not make sense on its own).

Created *.svg icon for PLOT_GROUNDTRACK block

I have learned how the icons work in Xcos, and created a custom icon for groubndtrack block. It is based on Xcos scope icon, to keep Xcos original look-and-feel. This was also my first venture with Inkscape.

Created first working block (PLOT_GROUNDTRACK)

First block is a sink that uses CelestLab functions CL_plot_earthMap() and CL_plot_ephem() to plot the trajectory of Earth orbiting satellite. Block has three inputs (cartesian ECEF coordinates in meters) and no outputs. When initialized it prints outline of Earth Map on a plot and as the simulation proceeds it prints satelite trajectory. Big art of the work was to design, implement and debug interfacing function (had some troubles with creating blockparameters dialog). During the work I've created an example Xcos diagram, but it is not yet connected as demo. I've also manually created a custom help page.

CelestLab and Matlab unit conversion review

I've made some research on how Mathworks approaches unit conversion i Matlab. CelestLab contains single function that allows for converting many unit, but in Matlab there are separate blocks for converting velocity, position, angle, etc... I think I'll follow this design as it makes it more difficult for the user to mistakenly misconfigure block to convert different unit that it is fed with. This approach also makes it easier to understand diagram, as unit conversions are more visible and aparent.

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