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Aerospace Blockset for xcos (2012-05-28: Coding week 1).

Created first working block (PLOT_GROUNDTRACK)

First block is a sink that uses CelestLab functions CL_plot_earthMap() and CL_plot_ephem() to plot the trajectory of Earth orbiting satellite. Block has three inputs (cartesian ECEF coordinates in meters) and no outputs. When initialized it prints outline of Earth Map on a plot and as the simulation proceeds it prints satelite trajectory. Big art of the work was to design, implement and debug interfacing function (had some troubles with creating blockparameters dialog). During the work I've created an example Xcos diagram, but it is not yet connected as demo. I've also manually created a custom help page.

CelestLab and Matlab Aerospace Blockset review

I've spent some time on reading CelestLab documentation and review of Matlab Aerospace Blockset to make some decision on future work. It seems that a good idea would be to tweak my plans for next week a little and prepare some blocks that are of different kinds. I'll probably proceed with creating one block with user input, one environment model block and perhaps some unit conversion blocks. Original plan was to only create output/input blocks during first two weeks, but I think that i need to have a better understanding on how block interface with each other before I dive into designing HMI.

Other remarks

My Xcos/Scilab environment doesn't seem stable. I've multiple encountered Scilab crashes while:

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