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New Scilab Datatip - Gustavo Libotte


Develop a new datatip mode for Scilab in JAVA.


Summary of the Reports

Report #1

The initial idea is make a datatip using JWindow, it will have a "close button" inside each datatip, this way the datatip system will be much more flexible and fast, because the actual ones need to be selected, then open a window and finally delete the

selected datatip, It means at least 3 clicks, so I believe that close directly the desired datatip is much better. The size of the datatip (the window itself) must be adjusted, button, font and make some tests to check memory usage.

Another possibilite is make the "close system" of the datatip like click over it and close.

Report #2


The datatip is integrated into Scilab, it opens when the user clicks over the curve, closes when the exit button is pressed and do nothing when a polyline entity is null.

Trying to find out a way to keep it static over the graphic window. When I move the graphic window, the datatip goes together.

Report #3


- Datatip interaction with graphic is working.
- Datatip context menu was implemented
   *Delete Last Created Datatip
   *Delete All Datatips
   *Redraw All Datatips

Bugs to be Fixed:

Since the datatip is not drawed/"sticked" at a specific point over the graphic, I am trying to find out a way to make the datatip window move simultaneously with the graphic window and also when I minimize/maximize/resize the graphic window or zoom

in/out. A possible solution would be implement a java componentListener on the graphic screen, manage the datatips when this listener recognize a change in the graphic screen and create the datatips from the graphic coordinates and not from screen

coordinates. Another bug is make the datatips always visible when the graphic window is in foreground and put it in backgroung when the graphic window is in background. And some other small bugs which are noticed with some few time more of usage.

Next Steps:

- Make the datatips markers.

- Implement the "Datatip Properties Window" and make its interaction with the datatip.

- Insert the datatip label with the graphic point coordinates.

Change in Plans

The datatip using JWindow was working but it was not a good choice at all because it was causing some problems while its execution and even fixing the bugs, some essential functions of Scilab, like export a figure, would be limited.

This week will be used to find out a way to draw the datatip over the graphic into Scilab graphics window to avoid graphic interaction bugs.

Report #4


Create a new mode to show the datatip in Scilab graphic window.

Characteristics of the Datatip:

Rectangular datatip showing the graphic point coordinate in double precision for x and y;

All the datatip previous bugs in relation to graphic window:

are no longer a problem anymore.

Graphic export option is now working for the datatip.

Datatip now is a graphic object and I used the graphic controller properties to make it.

All the datatips are children of the axes handle, it means I have all the access to use the functions set and get to increase the datatip features.

Next Steps:

Make the datatip markers in the same way.

Implement the datatip delete and redraw options.

Implement the datatip options box for the user.

Adjust the code structure and comments.

Report #5


* Selection: datatips can be selected on any level of zoom and for all graphic window size (axes dimension). For now it's important for datatip individual deletion, but it's gonna be very useful in the future to open datatip options window and manage an individual datatip.

* Deletion: a datatip can be deleted when user right-click on it when datatip manager is on.

* Datatip Manager: datatip buttons are working in graphic window menubar and toolbar. In this first, when user clicks on "Start datatip manager", datatip manager turns to 'on' if it was 'off' and keeps 'on' if it was already 'on'. Same for the button "Stop datatip manager", but now to deactivate datatip manager of course. For datatip button is toolbar, it's a toggle button ie, switches 'on' and 'off' with each click. Also the three work together.


* Changed datatip background color for white and marker background color for black. I believe they are good standard colors and these colors are gonna be customizable in datatip options window.

* Changed datatip manager mode system to allow datatip creation, modification and deletion only and while the manager is set 'on'.

* As the right-click was conflicting with Caio/Pedro, I put that when datatip manager is 'on', Caio/Pedro right-click is 'off' and when datatip manager is 'off', Caio/Pedro right-click is 'on'. This way the user can delete the datatip in a simple right-click, which makes the process faster.

* Datatip info message is being shown at the bottom of graphics window when datatip manager is 'on' ("Left click on the curve creates a datatip and right click on the datatip removes it.").

Next Steps:

* Work on "Delete All Datatips", "Delete Last Created Datatip", "Delete All Datatips For Selected Curve", "Redraw All Datatips" and "Redraw Last Deleted Datatip".

* Datatip Options Window: set datatip customization.

Final Report


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