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Report 8/7/2012

I commited scidoe_bbdesign.sci in the repo, along with the unit test function.

I generated the .xml help page with the 'help_skeleton' command, but using the 'update_help.sce' script, erased the file.

It turns out that some details in the .sci functions, like an empty line between function definition and comments, can cause this.

I added examples in simplelinreg.tst and multilinreg.tst.

I also got a positive response from the authors of doe_yates.sci, doe_ryates.sci, lars.sci, normalize.sci, standardize.sci, crossvalidate.sci and cvplot.sci to include the functions in Scidoe under the Cecil license.

I am currently working on the first three functions (these are included in the High Priority functions), so they can be integrated in the Scilab environment.

2022-09-08 09:26