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Report 24/06/2012

I rewrote the Scilab test functions the right way, as I hadn't understood the proper way a test script works.

However, I get "assertion failed" error when executing test_multi_lin_reg.tst.

I also wrote my first demos of these functions and committed them in the repo.

The demo_simple_lin_reg.sce works, but demo_multi_lin_reg.sce outputs error concerning some invalid index, so I am working on it.

I updated the doe.demo.gateway.sce script with the new demos.

Also, I moved the functions doe_alias.sci, doe_list_table in the macros directory. These are used for confounding patterns in fractional factorial designs.

License Issues

In open source software there have been created many licenses, to ensure copyrights.

Sometimes, these different licenses can create conflicts between the functions of a toolbox, and make its distribution complicated.

Scilab uses the Cecill license, which is compatible with the MIT license and the GNU LGPL license, but not the GNU GPL license.

If a function of a toolbox is licensed under GNU GPL, then all the other functions should become GNU GPL, as pointed out by Michael Baudin.

Also, another important issue in licensing is that the name of the author of a function must never be changed and remains in following versions, along with a copyright notice, the year of implementation and a link to the original source code.

In Scidoe toolbox:

I will contact the authors of the functions, to ask them if we can publish their code under the Cecill license.

If we get a positive answer, then the functions will be part of Scidoe and only a few changes on the code willl be needed to integrate them in Scilab. The names of the authors will remain on the functions, along with a clear copyright notice, the year the function was written by the particular author and a link to the original source code.

If not, then I will start working on substitute implementations.

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