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Contributor - dNIMS (dotNET Interaction Mechanism for Scilab)

Project Description

SEP: SEP-dotNET Interaction Mechanism for Scilab + Environment Abstraction Layer.odt

The goal is this project is allow a Scilab user to access .NET objects and interact with them. Another task is to create an abstract layer for interaction with any object-oriented environment. There is also a great module JIMS for such interation with Java environment. It will be used as a basis for abstraction. Then, classes, providing .NET interaction tools will implement the abstract interface. To interact with other envirnoments, developer will need just implement proper abstract classes and do minimal updates to other code.

Abstract classes for object-oriented environment interaction

Following classes will represent tools for interaction with environment:

Following steps need to be performed for abstraction from Java in JIMS:

Interaction with .NET

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform way to call .NET/Mono from native C++. Thus, different implementations must be provded for Windows and Unix platforms.


On Windows platform flat API (Win32) mechanism will be used: Interop: A Look at Managed C++

A managed C++ layer between Scilab (ScilabDonNetEnvironment class) and .NET will perform operations on objects management, libraries load and methods invocations (pretty much like Java part in JIMS). Methods of this layer will be exposed as row dll exports and will be used from Scilab C++ part.


Mono embedding abilities will be used to interact with Mono from Scilab. This will aslo include 2 layers (second will be just like one for Windows, but without COM stuff)

Main features of dNIMS will be:

For example, in the Scilab language, this could make

-->asm = dotnetload('System.Windows.Forms');
-->MessageBox.Show('Simple Message Box')





Create abstract classes and abstract factory for environment interaction


Abstract from Java classes in JIMS

Implement abstract classes, use abstract factory, add enum for environment, identify environment in gateways


Create managed C++ layer for handling .NET classes and objects


Implement abstract classes for .NET interaction (ScilabDonNetEnvironment)


Test dNIMS and JIMS functionality

In progress

Write dNIMS help and demos, help for creating connectors to other object-oriented environments

In progress

Weekly Reports

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