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Weekly report for 15 July 2011 on Project "dotNET Interaction Mechanism for Scilab + Environment Abstraction Layer" (midterm)

This week I have finished testing and fixig abstraction in JIMS. All JIMS functions have been tested and work properly. To make sure, that nothing gets broken in future, I will write some unit-test for them.

I had to shorten new names of mlist types, which I earlier changed from _JObj and _JClass to _EnvObj and _EnvClass correspondingly. Now they are called _EObj and _EClass, because previous names have been too long and overloading mlist with such long type name was affected by a bug #9733.

So, abstraction is OK and everything works for Java implementation. So, it's time to bring new environments to work! I have already created a demo of interaction with .NET for Windows, which demonstrated basic technical solutions. You can find it here.

So, next week I will implement classes ScilabDonNetEnvironment and ScilabDotNetEnvironmentWrapper, which will interact with managed C++ layer. For implementation of managed C++ layer, which will do managed objects management :) I have a great example of how it is done for Java in JIMS. Managed part will be compiled with VS cl compiler before building any other part of project.

Next week

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