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Weekly report for 04 June 2011 on Project "dotNET Interaction Mechanism for Scilab + Environment Abstraction Layer"

This week I have made some architectural decisions after studying JIMS on how to introduce an abstraction. I have described it in SEP, which you can find on a main page.

At the moment I also already have a simplest example of module, which actually calls .NET from Scilab through COM - a message box with a string, passed from Scilab appears with a call dotNet_test(string). I created it to make sure this interaction works as I imagine it.

Next week

Next week I am going to introduce an abstraction layer to be put in JIMS between calls in ScilabObjectsCPP.cpp and GIWS-generated wrappers. So, I plan to introduce some abstraction from Java in JIMS already next week.

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