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Contributor - porting to smartphones


This idea would be to port Scilab on Smartphone.

  1. The port of Scilab-cli would be the first step (this involves the port of all Scilab dependencies

  2. Port of Scilab graphic features
  3. Port the Tcl/Tk link
  4. Reach the same features as the main binary.

Due to the lack of expertise of the writer of this page, it is hard to tell if it will be possible or not to execute Scilab on such devices.


Some people started this work: SciForAndroid & the documentation



Common potential problem

JVM / Native code

One of the potential problem is to port the link to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Scilab is pretty specific here: Scilab native code instantiate a JVM from the native code and this can be tricky.

A test case is attached to this page: JVM_Native_code.tar.gz

2022-09-08 09:26