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Weekly report, 28 May 2010

During past week I have:

  1. Finished SEP
  2. Integrated Conqat Simulink library for .mdl file parsing.

  3. Added initial parser handling, with recursive subsytem inspection

See attached files:
Model screenshot: withsubsystem.png
Parser log file: withsubsystem.txt
Simulink model: withsubsystem.mdl

  1. Pushed all completed job into Gerrit CodeReview.

  2. Created first sample XML Schema for Compatibility Patterns files // not finished yet

Sample xsd file: sampleSchemaDraft.xsd

Next week goals are:

  1. Compile existing XML Schema using JAXB Schema Compiler
  2. Create first XML Compatibility Pattern file (with: xsd2inst, to be valid with XML Schema)
  3. Try binding Compatibility Pattern using JAXB

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