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Weekly report, 11 June 2010

During past week I have:

  1. Corrected previous commits
  2. Added state, dstate, ipar translation
  3. Successfully migrated first diagram (without ports, links, and with error when trying to get to block parameters)


 Undefined variable: scs_m   
 !--error 999 
export_to_hdf5: Wrong value for input argument #2: Defined variable expected.
at line      30 of function xcosBlockInterface called by :  
421_J0U5TA/xcos673775572009797169.h5"); ;notify("-1095903423")
while executing a callback
API Error:
        in getVarAddressFromName: Unable to get address of variable "scs_m"
  1. Started ports and links translation

/!\ Put here some screens and further info in the morning First imported diagram: diagram.png

Next week goals are:

  1. Finish links and ports
  2. Correct exceptions when accessing block parameters
  3. Start writing more and more compatibility patterns (correct migration schema if any problems show up)

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