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Weekly report, 11 June 2010

During past week I have:

  1. Corrected, link ports, diagram translation
  2. Added exprs and reviewed other parameters migration
  3. Added handling of absent simulink parameters:

Normal mapping between parameters looks like:

<map simName="YMax" index="2,0"/>

But what if parameter is missing in Simulink? WE should be able to set it's default value for block, without compromising the structure of migration pattern:

<map simName="30" index="3,0"/> <!-- RefreshPeriod -->

It's quite convinient to put value instead of pointer to value in simulink file.

Current translated diagram:

Next week goals are:

  1. Run succesful simulation
  2. Correct ports and links with array handling
  3. Start adding validation methods to all translation steps
  4. Add more compatibility patterns

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