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This report is part of Contributor - Scilab backend to Cantor project.

Scilab backend to Cantor report - 15 June 2011

In this last biweek, I worked in graphical Scilab generation in Cantor worksheet. The objective is, to enable Cantor to use Scilab to generate a chart external to Cantor's worksheet and to use Scilab to export a chart to graphical file (like PNG or EPS file) and, next, load this file in Cantor's worksheet.

The first objective, ie, generate a chart external to Cantor is ok and functional, but the second objective is not finished yet. I think in use of xs2* functions of Scilab to create a graphical files, but exist some problems. For example, when I use xs2*, firstly is generated a conventional Scilab plot window, external to Cantor, and after the file is saved. Other problem is - how to manage various chart in various files? And replots? Doubts to works.

2022-09-08 09:26