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This report is part of Contributor - Scilab backend to Cantor project.

Scilab backend to Cantor report - 1 July 2011

In this biweek, I continued in works to load a file with chart generated by Scilab in Cantor worksheet, but I got no success yet.

So, I began the Scilab syntax highlighter to Cantor. I used, based in Maxima backend, XML file to list all functions names of Scilab and Scilab enviroment variables predefined to Cantor to syntax highlighter in Scilab code in the worksheet.

The first commit was send and now I will go finish it and add all functions names to XML file.

In this biweek, too, jgraphx was updated in Mageia repository. I wrote a patch to configure file in Scilab to enable Scilab to use jgraphx in version or better.

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