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Contributor - New UI Element


Scilab language has some capabilities to create and manage GUIs from the language itself. The idea of this project is to develop some components which are missing for now into Scilab.


The idea of this project is to extend them in various way:

Note that all these features must extend the current implementation. Therefor, it should remain consistent both in the technical aspects and final user aspects.

In details, these components will be available from the Scilab language. That means any user should be able to create, use and interact (ie receive events and values) from this component.


The following code creates a new window with a list box with two selected items:

// create a figure
h=uicontrol(f,'style','listbox', ...
 'position', [10 10 150 160]);
// create a listbox
set(h, 'string', "item 1|item 2|item3");
// fill the list
set(h, 'value', [1 3]);
// select item 1 and 3 in the list

2022-09-08 09:26